Urban Food

 How sweet it is

The  Pantry
We grow vegetables and fruits in season, bringing the flavor of our region to your table.
When we are not growning enjoy the winter pantry.
Savor our relishes, purees, pickles, applesauce and jams while we rest for the winter.
  1.              Hop Yard
    Hop Yard
    farm without hops is like a glass without beer. We grow hops for culinary uses in sauces, bread and cheese.
     Piggyback Cellars
    Piggyback Cellars
    Garagiste: A micro negociant specializing in very limited production wines often known as "vins de garage" or garage wines. Piggy back Cellars is family-owned and operated in Seattle, WA.
  3.       Our love of Flowers
    Our love of Flowers
    Our selection of flowers is vast, most are of the culinary variety, appealing to the the most discerning chefs in our area. We also have a large selection for fresh cut arrangments.
  4.       Vegetable Garden
    Vegetable Garden
    Our field reads like a chef's menu. We plant a vast array of Heirloom vegetables tailored to the customer and the chef. I believe in supporting other farmers in the valley if we can grow it for you our associate farm will, creating the true Agrarian Society.
  5.                  Grain
    This is our newest endeavor. We have planted several acres of grain for malting and distilling.
  6.      Lettuce and Greens
    Lettuce and Greens
    .We started our success with fields of greens. As a chef, it was an important part of bringing freshness to the plate. To this day, artisan baby greens is the heart of our production.
  7.             Orchards
    Spring brings some of the finest raspberries, blueberries, blackberries in the valley followed by several varieties of apples pears and plums. Our local apples make a killer Apple cider vinegar and watch for Apple Brandy in our future...
  8.          Pumpkin Patch
    Pumpkin Patch
    For the fall harvest we have several varieties of winter squash, pumpkins and sweet corn. Fall our favorite time of year.
  9.     Wonderscapes Art
    Wonderscapes Art
    "Gardener by day, Glass Artist by night" wonderscape glass for your table, yard or flowers for the soul. Recycled glass in every piece.
  10.          Aspen Hollow Snoqualmie Valley Lamb
    Aspen Hollow Snoqualmie Valley Lamb
    Grass-Fed 100% USDA certified organic ingredients: Sunlight Proprietary mothers milk, Assorted Rye Grass,Tall Fescue Grass, Jumbo Ladino Clover, Dandelions, Chicory, Burnet and Kelp, Water ,Salt and minerals. Contact: Jeff and Katya Rogers jrogers@aspenhollowsheep.com
  11.        Applewood Sticks
    Applewood Sticks
    Natural Fruitwood chews and treats for your pet, locally sourced from our woodinville Orchard.
  12.      Call to all Farmers
    Call to all Farmers
    Agrarian Society Farm is an urban farm located in Redmond Washington. Our farm has grown over the years with the support of other farmers and artisans in the community, now we would like to help others thru our network. Contact us if you would like to become a farm member, tell us who you are and what you farm or produce from the land.




"we deliver the agrarian experience"